About paints

Half a century has passed since the foundation of the company.
Reasons that customers have kept selecting Toyo Kogyo Toryo

Toyo Kogyo Toryo is creating paints that can fully demonstrate their functions in the product lines of our clients by verifying the conditions required in the paints with them.
There are various products that can be realized at Toyo Kogyo Toryo, the company that has been working on paints for vacuum deposition for over half a century.

To the next field ...

Toyo Kogyo Toryo has overcome many difficulties while we have been working on paints and responding to the various needs of our clients.

We have studied and developed paints that would work with various phenomena that would occur while applying coating on various materials. The quality of our products has thus improved significantly.

We Toyo Kogyo Toryo is venturing into the next field to widen the type of paints that we handle and to reach higher.

To the next field ...
Paints for vacuum deposition

[Main product category]

  • Heat-dried topcoat/undercoat
  • Topcoat/undercoat for multi-layer membrane
  • Topcoat/undercoat for UV curing
  • Topcoat/undercoat for indium

These are metallic paints for vacuum deposition. The undercoat creates the base layer. It covers and hides the surface of the base material while providing a mirror-like appearance and by improving adhesion with the base material.
The topcoat creates the top layer. It protects the mirror-like surface applied on the undercoat. The topcoat is also used to provide color. By adding dyes and pigments, it can also function as the topcoat of cosmetic products and high-end decorative items.

Functional paints

[Main product category]

  • Aluminum pigment metallic
  • Heat dissipating coating
  • Electromagnetic wave shielding coating
  • Anti-fog coating, etc.

Functional coatings are designed to have functions other than the coating, such as protecting the base material and decorating the appearance.
Various functions and performances can be added, such as heat insulation, heat shielding, noise proofing, stain proofing, and deodorization. The use of functional coatings gives extra value to the products, which make your products stand out in the market. The scenes where these coatings are used have been increasing.

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