Greetings from the representative director

To realize technologies from the standpoint of users
Toyo Kogyo Toryo was founded in 1959. We started the development of coating materials for vacuum deposition ahead of other companies while general knowledge about synthetic resin was still insufficient. We have since worked on improving the quality of our products as a specialized manufacturer.
As our corporate philosophy states, “Challenge for the future and create the future with new ideas,” we have expanded the application of our products, including coating materials to work with advanced technologies, such as radar, reflective mirror coating materials for automobiles and motorcycles, and decorative coating materials for cosmetic product containers, toys, and mobile phones. Our functional coating materials and ones for vacuum deposition are now being used in various fields. Today, our products are receiving great reviews from companies in Japan and ones in Asia, the U.S., and Europe. We are also sincerely facing environmental problems by developing products with low environmental loads and reducing solvents to be discarded.
We are committed to keep growing as a company that can respond to the various needs of our clients using know-how that we have accumulated through our experience and by gathering technologies and adopting advanced facilities. We appreciate your continuous support and patronage. Thank you.
Hiroshi Kaki, Representative director and president嘉規 洋

Company overview

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Name Toyo Kogyo Toryo Co., Ltd.
Foundation March 1, 1959
Capital fund 10 million yen
Representative Hiroshi Kaki, Representative director and president
Business bases

[Main office and plant]
2-4-22 Tajiri, Ichikawa, Chiba, Japan 272-0014
Tel: 047-379-2235 (main line) Fax: 047-377-8970

[Toke Plant]
2-6-17 Onodai, Midori-ku, Chiba, Chiba, Japan 267-0056
Tel: 043-205-5810 (main line) Fax: 043-205-6630

[Osaka Office]
2-37 Fukuecho, Yao, Osaka, Japan 581-0844
Tel: 072-998-3050 (main line) Fax: 072-998-3119

Company history

  • 1959The company was established in Funabashi, Chiba, with the capital fund of 250,000 yen.
  • 1961The capital fund was increased to 1,000,000 yen.
  • 1962The production of paints for plastics started.
  • 1963The capital fund was increased to 5,000,000 yen.
  • 1964The main office and plant was relocated to Baraki, Ichikawa, Chiba.
  • 1968An office was opened in Yao, Osaka.
  • 1970The main office and plant was relocated to the current location.
  • 1971The production of reflective mirror paint for automobiles started.
  • 198425th anniversary—a new company building was constructed.
  • 1985The capital fund was increased to 10,000,000 yen.
  • 1987The mass production of UV paints started.
  • 1989Administration Office 2 was constructed.
  • 2004ISO 9001:2000 was obtained.
  • 2008Toke Plant was constructed.
  • 2013Toyo Kogyo Toryo (Thailand) Co., Ltd. was established in Thailand. (The office opened in 2014.)
  • 2015A research building is completed on the grounds of the Toke Factory. Technology section relocation.
  • 201960th anniversary

Location of business bases

Main office and plant
2-4-22 Tajiri, Ichikawa, Chiba
tel.047-379-2235 fax.047-377-8970
Access by train
About a 15-minute walk from Baraki Nakayama Station on the Tokyo Metro Tozai Line
Access by car
About a 3-minute drive from Ichikawa Interchange of Keiyo Road
Toke Plant
2-6-17 Onodai, Midori-ku, Chiba, Chiba
tel.043-205-5810 fax.043-205-6630
Access by car
About a 3-minute drive from Okido Interchange of Chiba-Sotobo Toll Road
Osaka Office
2-37 Fukuecho, Yao, Osaka
tel.072-998-3050 fax.072-998-3119
Access by car
About a 5-minute drive from Mizukoshi Intersection of National Road #170 (Osaka Outer Ring Road)

Affiliated companies

Toyo Kogyo Toryo established an overseas affiliated company, Toyo Kogyo Toryo (Thailand) Co., Ltd., (abbreviated TKTT) in Bangkok, Thailand, in August 2013.
As a full subsidiary of Toyo Kogyo Toryo, TKTT is selling paints for vacuum deposition mainly to Japanese lamp manufacturers operating in Thailand.
We commission local Japanese manufacturers to produce paints to ensure a stable supply of products.
TKTT has a full-fledged experimental facility where the same level of quality management is being conducted while ensuring services based on advanced technologies.

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Establishment August 2013
Capital fund 10 million baht
Representative Yoshihiro Ideura, representative president
Address 91/1 Chaiyo Building 12 F., Room No.1203. Rama 9 Rd., Huay Kwang, Hauy Kwang, Bangkok 10310, Thailand
Investment ratio 100% by Toyo Kogyo Toryo Co., Ltd.